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 My application

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Dark Knight

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PostSubject: My application   Sun Jul 27, 2008 1:04 pm

Name:Matthew Mahoney
Mental Age:15
Date of joining the community:7/10/08

Have you ever worked for a game before?: Yes, Arandan Online was a good game but as soon as we started hosting the game off a different server I couldnt play anymore. Sad

If so, what's the game called?:Arandan Online

Skills: Self control, Pixel art, Learning C++/C#, html, CSS, learning Javascript, Decent at hacking (Used for good, helping find bugs, glitches ect.) and I'm good with Gimp (for making GUI's and other things like that).

Why do you want to help moderate Fallen Online?:Because I want to help out players and also help Fallen Online stay in line as much as I can possibly.

Give atleast 10 sentances why we should accept you as a Mod: I respect my fellow players. I would not take advantage of my moderator powers. I think I am pretty fair. I know when enough is enough. A majority of Fallen Online knows who I am. I don't really think alot of people "Hate me" lol. I want this to be a good chance for Elevations to see what I am capable of. I am a decent hacker so I could find alot of Bugs, glitches in game that need to be fixed or whatever. I am a active player and I spend alot of time on my computer, and last but not least, I Love helping people.

I hope I am accepted and want to be a big part of the rising success that is Fallen Online.

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My application
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