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PostSubject: mapper   Thu Aug 28, 2008 4:06 pm

id love to be a mapper i have experience in mapping i tried to make a game with da same game maker but the only good thing i actualy did was mapping id love to be a mapper in this game so i can help make maps like the admin house im very active ohh and the best rooms in the admin house was elevation and his hideout also clouds room nice npcs and sk8lord25 with his pet paradise area sry its getting a bit off topic so can i be a mapper plz if not thnx for reading if yes super thnx Very Happy oh yeah i noe deyr not the ones moderating this but can u tell dem i said deyr super kool plz nd thank you Very Happy

P.S sry for sum miss spellings
p.s.s if u let me be a mapper heres my character name zero
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